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Anything from Unranked Placement Boosting to Win boosting!

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What do we deliver in win boost service?

Our Customers will often ask us if we can boost them per win instead of charging them a whole division which is most cost-efficient for low budget customers. The most common example is that the customer loses their first match in a promotion game and this escalated to being tilted. League of Legend game makers are to be blamed for this because of their flaws in the ELO system. The ELO system or match making system is invented so that it gives the players, who are of same skills, a team consisting of five members to compete against the other five members in a different team. Therefore, it becomes a team game rather than individual placements. In addition, it becomes a rather painful experience to grind the ladder when your team is feeding, and it will often occur, when you are in your division promotion games, which you have to win two out of three games in order to pass on to another division. In order to win your division promotion games, you have to outplay your opponents and roam to another lane to snowball your lead. Our company employees, who are all diamond, master tier, and challenger, are all individually hired, based on their years of experience in the boosting industry. They know exactly how to carry the promotion games. After succeeding, you are placed into a new division, our customers will no longer feel like they are playing with the same feeders every game and will have a far better gaming experience.

What happens during an incomplete boost?

Our customers may choose to purchase up to 15 wins at a time. For each win that the client buys from us, we will ensure that they receive the highest quality of LOL boosting service. Therefore, if the booster loses a game whether if it is because of AFK or connection problems, the game will still count as a loss, even if it is the Riot companies fault and they don't track the system properly when they maintain the server. To let us know, you will have to let us notice that the boost is incomplete and want to be compensated via the live chat support. You will just have to give us your PayPal email and the tracking order number. Then, we will notify the booster, and they will have to compensate you with 2 wins in return. To ensure that your money is in safe hands, we only hire high ELO booster, and that is why, we guarantee you that your win rate will not be lower than 85% in any ELO below diamond tier.

Is win boost the right choice for you?

The Win boost is very inexpensive compared to the other varieties of services which are available. It costs only three to five dollars per win up to gold division, it is there, you can earn your season rewards. The season rewards are different with each season. This recent year, in season 5, many players earnt their account border, banner trim, ward skins, victorious sivir and the champion itself when they hit gold division five being in high ELO rank. In addition, each division has their own design for each tier, which means if you are in division five, your account in-game border will look a lot different than from other divisions, such as with division three. Additionally, since each win cost is very low-priced for this type of win boost service, you are able to climb the ladder with your friends to avoid embarrassment if you refuse to play with them. Furthermore, when we play on your account, you will not get decayed because of inactivity as is set for each player during a certain time within each tier. You will decay once every thirty days if you do not play rank for any division below diamond and every ten days for master tier and challenger. To summarize, purchasing a ranked win boost, is a highly cost-effective way to save time, money, and a good way we can help to elevate you and also gain your trust at

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