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What to consider in Placement match boost?

As one of the most trusted ELO boosting websites, our first priority is to get into the highest possible division, and often our customers neglect the important of having their placement matches completed. For each and every season, the ranking system has to undergo a soft reset in which the player will place in platinum one no matter how well they do in their placement for those players in diamond, master tier, and challenger. However, it is not the case for the lower ELO than the diamond five, this is because of its competitiveness. The Riot company wants the players to start out with their lowest possible rank in a tier that is below diamond level. This is to test the players game senses and ability to carry to the top of the ladder. Usually, when you become ranked last season, your MMR will only freeze when the new season starts, meaning during preseason you will still gain ELO, determining where you are in a division and tier when you win rank games. Statistically speaking, we find that it is possible for a player to drop a whole tier such as from platinum II to gold IV or from gold III to silver I. This is not because you are bad at League of Legend, but it is just simply how the game is designed. As a result of this, you may feel like quitting the game because you think you are a bad player and it will take even more time to climb. At, we want you to be able to stay at your current division and that motivation drives us to perform better than competitors. We hire only experienced players who have played this game for more than 3 years and have an elite and intensive knowledge of the game. They know how to carry playing each role to perfection, such as top, mid, jungle, AD carry, and even support. Their champion pool is wide so you do not have to worry about which champion or rune they will use.

What is the guarantee during Your Placement match?

Often, people will be concerned if the booster can start within a time frame, and we do guarantee that they will start within ten minutes after they have picked up your order. Usually, your order will be placed in our system near enough instantly - thanks to our web developers. The booster will then lock in an order in which they are only allowed to do one at all time. This will ensure that they will not pick up multiple orders and arrive late to finish your order, it puts our customer's needs first at all times. The booster will need sometimes to change your rune, mastery, and in-game setting and this process will take around fifteen minutes. Feel free to use our pause system whenever you feel like our booster is not the right person to handle the current task and use our ELO boosting website features to replace the booster. Our company also focusses on the aspects of getting the right person who can fill in a role or pick a certain role when boosting your account, because Riot do check to see which champions were used during the boost. We can play your own champions pool without any problem. We can also alter the spell in-game so that it looks like the teleport in on the letter F, but instead they are setting a default in game, switching it back to letter D. We also look into the keys binding and if you use smart cast or not. After your boost is done, we will reset all the features to default as the game is designed. We have performed exceptionally well so far. In particular, we have done up to 940 boosts so far and delivered a spectacular result of up to 85 percent win rate below diamond boost. We hold a record of 94 percent win rate in silver and gold boost. We are honored to have our return customers rate us to be one of the most legit ELO boosting service out there, and if you are a new user feel free to rate our top ELO boosters as well as comment in our social media profile. We always enjoy hearing feedback from our clients.

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