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League of Legend 3v3 Ranked Team slot

Buy a team slot today to get your League of legend rewards, the rewards may varies season by season.
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  • * Buy team spot

  • * Summoner Name

  • Enter in your Summoner Name. (This is the Summoner Name We Will Deliver The LoL Ranked Team To)

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What types of ranked team
services can I purchase?

The League of legend consists of Solo queue, Duo queue or Dynamic Queue in season 6, ranked team 3v3, and Ranked team 5v5. At Cheaplolboost, we offer ranked team 3vs3 and ranked team 5v5 and this also includes selling ranked team spots in the team for each mode, promoting a new captain, or boosting the ranked team that you currently have.

How do I know if your selling ranked
team spot service is legitimate?

We take great pride in our excellent reputation and throughout all of our client interactions. We are not some random website that offers cheap ranked boosting team. We are established and are a group of high ELO boosters ourselves, who wish to offer you our ranked team, so that you can earn your season reward such as platinum, diamond, and challenger borders without having the trouble and hassle of buying division boost which can cost up to two thousand dollars!

How do we deliver
the ranked team spot?

Our customers usually buy a rank teamed spot which includes up to 10 wins in our team, so that you can qualify to receive the ranked team reward. We will ask for our clients to give us their account identification and password via the live chat which we will use to log in and play for them until they reach 10 wins. We guarantee that we will NOT remove you from the team after we have done the games, and your account will stay there until the new season starts.

How do you promote a new
ranked team captain?

Once we have invited you into a team for up to ten days, we will also promote you to become the team captain. If you would like to receive the ranked team rewards, we will also provide you with the wins where we will log in and play it for you or play with you, which will cost extra. Please note that the ranked team cannot invite more than three people a week and only up to five teams can be created.

How does the ranked
team boost work?

We offer this feature as an alternative because some players would like to be able to climb their own team using this extra ranked team boosting service that we provide. Our boosters will log in your own account and will cooperate your own play style and champions pool into the ranked team game. The boosters will only use your own champion pool so that your friends will not suspect that they are playing with someone else. This feature will of course cost a little depending on how many games are played in your ranked team. However, we recommend that you purchase this using our Buying Ranked team spot system because it is less expensive.

Will I get a refund if my
team get banned?

At Cheaplolboost, we are providing you with the cheapest lol boost service and cheapest ranked team spot. However, in some cases, there is a small risk, because the game makers do track what people are doing with their lp address and how people improve so quickly in short amount of time. It is very hard to track to this level, but sometimes they will notice and take action. A player might report your team because they lost to you or they do not want you to get that challenger border and its understandable; people can be cruel sometimes. We endeavor to do our very best, but it may be that your team is removed from the top ranked team spot, and you lose the ability to do anything. As a part of our policy, we do not refund our customers because we have done our jobs. It takes countless effort to create a team and sell it to someone. We hope you can understand our policy as we believe it to be a fair one to all parties involved.

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